Location, Location, Location


As you are touring potential wedding reception sites it is important to not think about the following: your parents (or you, if you are generous or insane) will be paying $20 to $40 per minute for the privilege of standing in it. Let me repeat that. Twenty to 40 clams per minute. That’s before the first peppered ahi tuna canapé passes your lips or a drop of Piper so much as tickles your tongue.

That’s the Hay-Adams up top. After two weeks of teeth gnashing we* decided tentatively Saturday that this is where we’ll likely shake a tail feather after the wedding. Actually the Hay-Adams being quite a proper establishment, I’m not sure that we’re allowed to actually do anything with our tail feathers other than doff them courteously at one another. It was set up for another wedding when we popped in for a peek late Saturday afternoon. I stood around oohing and ahhing over that couple’s flowers, menu, and cake. In fact I pondered if anyone would notice if I hung out to ask them to jot down the vendors they used for everything. Then I realized that they’d probably ask me for $100 to cover our five minutes of air space use and beat feet for the door.

*Accuracy dictates that I point out “we” actually weren’t teeth gnashing. “I” was the one flipping out. I can own it.


5 Responses to “Location, Location, Location”

  1. etcetera Says:

    omgz! can this be like the weddings they “sponsor” on the morning news shows where the audience gets to vote on which dress, cake, flowers, etc the couple uses?!?! please to submit pics of other venues so your public can have it’s say.

    can’t wait for the dress contest! i vote for the dropped waist!

  2. K Says:

    I’m just enjoying the idea of courteously doffing my tailfeather.

  3. Kwest Says:

    Congrats! Great new blog! My beautiful bride and I spent our wedding night at the Hay-Adams two years ago. We were married at her parents place far out in VA, drove to DC late, went to Ben’s at midnight for half smokes (me in my tux, of course) and then checked in. They up-graded us gratis to a suite on the top floor over-looking the Whitehouse! We love the Hay-Adams, and we saw David McCullough at breakfast the next morning to boot (recognized him from his voice, not from his face.) I wish you the greatest happiness, and you couldn’t pick a happier place to start!

  4. berkeleyscot Says:

    you also have cerebral palsy?
    ‘spaz’ means ‘spastic,’ which is a symptom of cerebral palsy.
    I was born with cerebral palsy – were you?


  5. Bridal Bird Says:

    Thanks for the note Margaret. Didn’t realize until I just checked it out that “spaz” is indeed listed as “offensive slang” on Websters. My apologies.

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