The Ticker


I’m thinking of adding a crawl to the bottom of the page that updates every time I get in a wedding-related snit with any of the following: Fiance, Mother, Sister, Father, Event Coordinator at Reception Site, and Perky Pre-Cana Couple Asking About Our Sex Life. Some of those will remain at zero for the duration of the process. However, some of them already have their hash marks. By the end of the year they’re bound to be scoring higher than any team playing the Orioles. Zing!

Here’s the tally thus far: Fiance-2; Mother-1.

And that’s within the first two weeks. Normally, my fiance and I are not the argumentative types. Sure we have the occasional Sunday-morning tift about whether we’re going to watch Chris Matthews or George Stephanopoulos, but what couple doesn’t? (…um, I’ve just been informed that no other couples fight about this. Carry on.) Even my mother and I have a fairly calm relationship. My sister keeps claiming that picking the date and reception site are the worst parts of the whole process and that things will calm down as soon as that’s done. I’m hoping that I can trust she’s correct. Because if not, I’ve got an itchy hash-mark drawin’ finger.


6 Responses to “The Ticker”

  1. Arjewtino Says:

    You should sign up for Twitter. You put it on your blog (don’t ask me how) and you can actually send a text message from your phone (e.g., “my fiance is pissing me off”) and it’ll appear on your blog without you having to sign in or post anything.

  2. Hammer Says:

    I once heard that weddings are a lot like a trip to Las Vegas. An experiement in revelry that everyone should try once in their life, but when it’s all over you’re completely worn out and can’t shake the nagging suspicion that the whole thing is just an elaborate scam to relieve you of large sums of cash.

  3. Hammer Says:


    I also once heard that spell-checking your own comments is a worthwhile enterprise as well…

  4. Mary Ellen Says:

    Oh dear.

  5. Bridal Bird Says:

    Ooh, Mary Ellen, since you’re the one who actually has to listen to all the fallout, you could report on the ticker’s daily status and become the Maria Bartiromo of our wedding!

  6. WiB Says:

    I’m all for trading Mother futures. Finally, learning about options in grad school will pay off!!

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