So Wait, Does That Argue For or Against?

I’ve been debating whether to have a morning wedding and lunch reception (a la JFK and Jacqueline Bouvier) or an afternoon wedding and a dinner reception (a la everyone on the planet right now.) The evening scenario would foster more of a drunken throwdown, and the afternoon I think would be more of a bright, cheery, and elegant bash. Plus, if we go with the afternoon reception we will be able to capitalize much more successfully on the incredible view from the roof of the Hay-Adams. (Oh and before I go any further, I decided last night to go the old school morning/lunch scenario route so don’t bother filling up the comments with anything other than validation of this choice or I’ll likely slip a wingnut.)

Anyhoodles, but I’m debating this yesterday morning and my friend–who has been very supportive of either option so this wasn’t a judgment–says, “Well, you know my oldest sister had a morning wedding and she got divorced 15 years later…And she’s the one who turned out to be a lesbian.”

It occurred to me that we can totally turn this into a Choose Your Own Adventure Wedding!  choose.jpg

Turn to 12 noon for possible divorce and alternative lifestyles.

Turn to 6 p.m. for young guests puking their daylong drinking onto your aunt who is a nun.


17 Responses to “So Wait, Does That Argue For or Against?”

  1. Johanna Says:

    Ooh! Ooh!

    Turn to 3:45 p.m. for friend of questionable ethical standards starts riot when she shotguns 3 pints of Stella and hits on mutual friend’s hot dad in front of hot dad’s *used to be hot* wife.

  2. I-66 Says:

    Oooh Johanna. I’m so in for the 3:45.

    Oh. Um. Yes, Bird. Morning good.

  3. Bridal Bird Says:

    Trust me Johanna. I’m informing all wives that they should put a LoJack on their husbands.

    Yes I-66, as always, compliance is the best way to stay ahead with the Bird.

  4. sockrocker Says:

    i don’t think that i’ve ever been to a morning wedding…i went to an early afternoon one once which was fun because then i went to coffee bean in my spiffy duds and impressed all the coffee girls…fun times

  5. Bridal Bird Says:

    Back in the day (20s, 50s, you name it) it was commonplace. Hence the term “morning dress” for daytime men’s formal wear. It’s also common in England to do the 11ish wedding and lunch reception. I’m sure it’ll be fine either way, my gut just keeps saying “daytime will be better there.”

  6. Dagny Taggart Says:

    I went to a gorgeous morning wedding last October, with the reception at the Cosmos club (near Dupont) in the afternoon. It was fabulous. Excellent choice!

  7. freckledk Says:

    Leave it to you to buck the trend. Such a rebel.

  8. Jo Says:

    I’d never heard of a morning wedding either…can you still get drunk in the afternoon?

    Wait. That was a stupid question.

  9. Mary Ellen Says:

    A test:
    Why did the bride at the 3:45 wedding cry?
    a) For joy, of course!
    b) Because there weren’t any appetizers at her wedding.
    c) Because she knew that her new husband’s new girlfriend would soon arrive at their new house…

  10. etcetera Says:

    11am wedding
    12pm lunch reception/boozefest
    3pm nap
    7pm reconvene at bar for 2nd boozefest of the day

    only question, can we get your parents to pick up the tab on BOTH?

  11. rcr Says:

    By having it in the morning you’ve ensured that I won’t crash it. I’ll still be sleeping off a hangover. Unless I stay up all night…. Yeah, you should probably have some officers present just to be safe.

  12. K Says:

    The only caveat I have is to carefully consider the lag time between ceremony and reception. The 11am wedding I went to – a very classy affair in a place you love, as we’ve discussed – had a 2pm reception, which meant all the guests were drinking cocktails and devouring the light hors d’ouevres set out in the area *outside* the banquet hall.

    Yah, we were locked out while they set up. For almost an hour. Not cute.

  13. Bridal Bird Says:

    Thanks Dany and FreckledK. Jo, you can do anything if you put your mind to it. Believe it, achieve it.

    ME-Appetizers! Appetizers!

    Etc-Very close. 10 a.m. wedding (full mass), 12:30 cocktails, 1:30 lunch reception/boozefest, 4:30 nap, 4:45 reconvene in bar for 2nd boozefest.

    RCR-My father is training the dogs with bees in their mouths as we speak.

    K-We’re looking at an hour of down time, which should be fine because the church is on Capitol Hill and the reception site is over here (across town) which means travel/parking time can buy me some time, right?

  14. K Says:

    That sounds perf. The reception I attended ended at 5, at which point people disbanded to sober up/change/eat dinner. We reconvened at a pre-designated bar (complete with paid tab for a while!) around 8, I think.

  15. Johanna Says:

    There *will* be some kind of strobelit party bus shuttling me from CapHill to HayAda, yes? If I’m gonna wear my senior prom dress (oh, you’ll see…), I wanna repeat the full Okemos High School prom experience, complete with double-fisting waterbottles full of Boone’s, chatting up the only guy in the room who has NO association whatsoever with the event and yes, a stretch truck of some kind with neon trim and bench seats.

  16. I-66 Says:

    So when they bark they shoot bees at you?!

    The period set aside for “nap” is all the more reason to carry about a flask.

  17. Bridal Bird Says:

    K&J–Your fancy paid tabs and party buses can go take a flying leap. 😉

    I-66-Every little girl dreams of a wedding that involves her, at some point, saying “Smithers, release the hounds.”

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