Pledge Your Love, Just Do It Outside the Beltway

Flag: Kathleen Shafer

On the off chance that anyone comes to this blog for actual wedding planning tips, I will from time to time pass on quasi-informative tidbits that I acquire in this process. If you come here only for the snark, take the day off. However, I would point out that you never know when you might find yourself in an emergency situation in which you need to know how to order 120 monogrammed chair covers.

Today’s tip concerns saving money if you’re a bride in the District. If you live here, you’re accustomed to getting hosed. You’ve got no vote in Congress. You can’t smoke in a bar. Lazy reporters write facile garbage like this about your city. And when you decide to get married here, the jollies continue. So here are a couple of tips I’ve acquired thus far:

1. If you’re having your event catered in the city, consider hiring a caterer based in Maryland or Virginia. If you hire a D.C. caterer you pay a 10-percent food and beverage event tax, courtesy of the local government. Import your caterer and you’ll pay the local taxes, which are about five percent lower.

2. If you’re purchasing your dress from a shop in D.C., have it shipped to a relative or trusted pal in Maryland or Virginia. Again, you’ll save on taxes.

3. Call your local elected officials and tell them that D.C. residents should be exempt from a 10 percent event sales tax that was instituted to capitalize on tour groups that come here, yet unfairly penalizes locals. Oh, and mention the smoking if that’s your thing. Who am I to judge?


6 Responses to “Pledge Your Love, Just Do It Outside the Beltway”

  1. I-66 Says:

    “…the neighborhood known to Washingtonians as Adams Morgan — formerly the closest the city really got to trendy…”

    I’m sorry, I must not be seeing straight. Did Adams Morgan really just get called close to trendy?

  2. Mary Ellen Says:

    Interesting. What if your dress needs alterations? Do you throw it in the backseat and take it back to the shop’s tailor (for free)? Or do you have to pay for a seamstress in MD/VA?

  3. rcr Says:

    “When Hillary Clinton dared to show a microscopic hint of cleavage on the Senate floor, the local press gasped.”

    Really? Or maybe that was the national press. I don’t remember reading squat about Clinton’s boobs in the Intowner or the City Paper. What drivel.

  4. etcetera Says:

    rcr, it was covered in The Blade.

  5. Bridal Bird Says:

    I-66. You’re darn right. Suck it, U Street!

    ME-I think when you’re all done with it you have it shipped.

    RCR-After the national press got its knickers all in a knot, the WaPo’s fashion critic wrote about it. Of course the WaPo is no Intowner.

    Etc-I don’t read The Blade. Not that there’s anything wrong with that (paper).

  6. rcr Says:

    My subscription to the Blade lapsed.

    The Intowner doesn’t even have a fashion critic, that how hard core the Intowner is.

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