Why the Bridal Industry Hates Us Fridays


I know when I’m beaten. In perusing the web for today’s WtBIHU Friday item, I came across a blog called Stupid Wedding Crap. It was all there—the gender stereotyping T-shirts, the dumb favors, the penis necklace bridal shower accessories, the denim bridal gowns. Writes the blogger: Stick with me as I explore the underbelly of the wedding industry. I’ll be posting stories from wedding party members, pictures of truly horrific wedding-themed tchochkes, and figuring out how the heck to plan a nuptial celebration. Hopefully, one that involves as little stupid wedding crap as possible.

And she puts her money where her mouth is. She’s funny and finds ah-mazing crap. So if I’ve not been confronted personally that week by some heinous tool of the bridal industrial complex, I’ll simply point my dainty finger in her direction and implore you to take a look. While warning you to of course partially shield your eyes first. There’s really no other way to look at these:


9 Responses to “Why the Bridal Industry Hates Us Fridays”

  1. Arjewtino Says:

    Elope, elope, elope.

    What’s next? A gravy boat with “love” oars?

  2. I-66 Says:

    So you’re saying you’re getting everyone “gown pics” for after the meal?

  3. Jo Says:

    Oh. my. god.

    People are soooo weeeiiird. People who buy this are all in the midwest right? right?

  4. photobugchick Says:

    I want to know who comes up with this idea and then follows through? It’s a fantastic idea to throw it out there with your girls drunk and stupid one night and laugh about it the next morning. NOT follow through with.

    Dear lord. I am glad I am not one of THOSE girls….

    Silly Catholic Church or mine would have been done months ago and long forgotten by the guests who go to a million weddings a summer.

    Ok, rant over 🙂

  5. freckledk Says:

    You MUST have those embossed rose petals!


  6. Johanna Says:

    Doesn’t cheese come out of the cow already grated and packaged with a Whole Foods seal?

  7. Bridal Bird Says:

    Ar, all the better with which to row across a lake of gravy. Mmmm…Gravy Lake.

    I-66, If I’m drunk.

    Jo, Jo, dear, I think it’s impolite to say that. People who buy this are in “Flyover Country.” Flyover country, dear. 😉

    PBC-Idiots, PBC. Idiots.

    FK-Oh those are beautiful. I’m going to order them early and make a path leading to my office door, too.

    J, somewhere Barbara Kingsolver just rolled over in her grave…You know, Barbara Kingsolver, the author of “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle”?…the book about eating local food because it’s better for the environment and farmers?…because flying food across the country is a bad idea?…Oh for Pete’s sake she was on Bernie Goldberg’s list of 100 liberals destroying America, now do you know who I mean?! (stomps off)

  8. I-66 Says:

    That can be arranged…

  9. Mary Ellen Says:

    Truth be told, I would so much rather have a box grater than any number of silver Jordan almonds, tied in a tulle bag with satin ribbon to match the maid of honor’s eyeshadow. Even better, get everybody a microplane! I use mine all the time for parmesan and lemn zest!!
    That would be so GRATE!!

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