A WTF? Photo Friday

1. Let’s see: they decided on their wedding day to go take a “wacky” picture at the stadium, doofy expression on his face coupled with an even doofier suit that appears to be navy blue, and a tiara on her. I can only assume that in their photo album this is captioned “Let’s go, Yankees!”


2. The trouble with Tribbles is…Look, sugardumpling, I know you paid a lot of money for the flowers and you really want to get your money’s worth (or should I say, your future $45,000 Visa bill’s worth.) But maybe the flowers can just stay where they belong—on the center of the table. I mean, the cake’s pricey, too. You weren’t planning on cutting slices and staggering them down your arms for a photo, were you? Oh, you were. Awkward.


Bride: “Peekaboo! There’s my widdle groom! OMG! I am soooo glad we opted for the castle for our wedding instead of the glass bottom yacht. And wasn’t getting the guy from the dinner theater to dress up in his Camelot costume to announce us when we came into the Great Hall for dinner awesome?! We’re totally getting pregnant tonight!”
Groom: (internally) God I hope a piece of stone falls off the roof of this place and kills me. Please. Just do it. Look at her. She’s batshit insane. I should have asked that cool girl who came into the bank that day for her number. None of this would have happened. I wonder if there’s any Drano in ye olde janitor’s closet.


4. I could write all sorts of snarky stuff about this photo. But I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt, crossing my fingers, squinching my eyes closed and biting my bottom lip in silent prayer that this is in fact the greatest wedding photo of all time. That it’s a shot of the best man eyebanging the bride who he actually banged before the wedding.



12 Responses to “A WTF? Photo Friday”

  1. freckledk Says:

    You had me at “batshit insane.” I might just love you.

  2. Arjewtino Says:

    I have nothing to say, I just wanted to beat I-66.

  3. Lemmonex Says:

    You know, I am all for bucking tradition, but is homeboy honestly wearing JEANS to his damn wedding in picture three? I cannot even wear jeans to work on Friday.

  4. Jo Says:

    the giggle went from cute to snort at batshit insane for me too.

    In photo number 2, the bride needs to start eating that cake. She looks like she’s been starving herself for months in preparation!

  5. I-66 Says:


    Wedding Planner: “Here’s the deal. They’ll let you have the wedding there, but on one condition.”
    Broom: “Sure, anything. We really want to have it there.”
    Wedding Planner: “Well see, there’s a little bit of structural damage to the place that they didn’t tell you about. And, well, there’s this one pillar that’s kinda weak, so you’re going to have to…”

  6. I-66 Says:

    Arjewtino is just mad that I’ve beaten him in the shuttle run for 12 years running. He’s got me in the V-sit. I wonder why that is…

  7. inowpronounceyou Says:

    #2 just flat out needs to eat something!

  8. startingtoday Says:

    You know #2 didn’t pay for those flowers (or that dress.) Daddy did. And I’m with INPY. EAT! You don’t need to get skinny before your wedding. That’s why they have corsets built into wedding dresses. Duh.

  9. Bridal Bird Says:

    FK-You can borrow Arjewtino’s “I Heart Bridal Bird” T-shirt.

    Arjewtino-Why don’t you put your head down on your desk if you can’t contribute like the rest of the class today young man.

    L-It might be the lighting hitting gray pants, but I’m not positive.

    Jo-Yeah, I waffle between “She looks purdy,” and “She needs to eat a waffle.”


    I-66 Part Deux-Do I have to separate you two?

    INPY-A direct shot across the bow at the Yankees yields nothing? Huh. You’re no fun. I should have gone with the Sox.

    Starting-I assure you, the Bridal Bird pre-wedding diet encourages champagne and cake tastings. I’ve got to get porky anyway. This guy says it’s science:

    😉 I kid because I love.

  10. I-66 Says:

    A fat Bird feeds more people at Christmas.

  11. Johanna Says:

    I think I like the last one best, but mainly because it looks like they shot it on the set of “Unwrapped” and I have a HUUUGE crush on that dude who used to host Double Dare. Yum.

  12. Jersey Girl in DC Says:

    This is hilarious! : )

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