That’s Right, I’m Not From Texas. But Texas Wants Me Anyway.


For the next week and a half, I’ll be in Texas. That means swapping my Connecticut Avenue jog for a route through the Hill Country, switching from the Post to the Austin-American Statesman, trading my daily Au Bon Pain soup and a bagle for whatever side they’re serving with the beef that day, trying on bridal gowns in Austin instead of D.C., and instead of turning to Face the Nation for competitive drama, I’m hitting the Texas A&M-Texas game in College Station.

A friend once told me that he hated living in Texas because in order to thrive there, “one must love Texas more than they love themselves.” The good thing about going for a week: it’s impossible not to love it.

 Happy Thanksgiving! (Save me some tofurkey.)


12 Responses to “That’s Right, I’m Not From Texas. But Texas Wants Me Anyway.”

  1. I-66 Says:

    Save you some what?

  2. suicide_blond Says:

    kiss kinky for me!!

  3. K Says:

    Enjoy, you lovely Texas bride!!

  4. jess Says:

    isn’t this why all you live in tennessee? yeah… i went there.

  5. Hammer Says:

    I’m jealous. May the Shiner Bock and elongated vowels flow…

  6. freckledk Says:

    Keep Bridal Bird Weird. Have a great time.

  7. Bridal Bird Says:

    I-66-It’s a soy product. You wouldn’t understand.

    SBlond-He’s all adorable and crazy, yes?


    Jess-“All mahhhhh exes live in Texassss…”

    Hammer-Mmm…I’m already there in my mind.

    FK-Ha! Thanks!

  8. I-66 Says:


  9. Johanna Says:

    Where’s Dakota spending Thanksgiving? Yes, yes, I *am* always thinking about the dogs.

    p.s. Monte requests that you barrel-roll your bangs at least once for him while you’re down there this week…

  10. Bridal Bird Says:

    I-66-You’re tilting your head at a 45-degree angle, quizzically, right now aren’t you?

    J-No no, tell him I’m going to Austin, the hippie part of the state. That chicanery goes on in (shudder) Dallas. Dakota is in the care of a dedicated team of nannies, groomers, and yogis. Her usual entourage. No, a friend is gallantly housesitting for us.

  11. I-66 Says:

    Soy is only Spanish for “I am.”

    As in… Soy laughing at the thought of The Bird with barrel-rolled bangs.

  12. class-factotum Says:

    The people who don’t love Texas are just jealous.


    A Texas ex-pat

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