Let’s Dance, For Fear Your Grace Should Fall


One of the blamillion questions that needs answering when a couple is planning a wedding is what song they will use for their first dance. Luckily, our tastes are simpatico and there are a lot of songs that have meaning for us. Some contenders I’d mulled, prior to even getting into the joint discussion on the matter:

lylepic.jpg“If I Needed You” by Lyle Lovett
Cons: While decidedly romantic, the lyrics are somewhat open ended. I want one thing most of all on the big day (besides the 5-quart Le Crueset roaster): resolution.

neilyoung.jpg“Razor Love” by Neil Young
Cons: In typical Young fashion, a proper version clocks in at over 10 minutes. Also the members of Lynyrd Skynyrd who will be in attendance will be peeved. Those dudes really hold a grudge. [Update: Sadly, any humor in this observation is nullified by its complete lack of accuracy. Turns out, Van Zandt and Young were actually chummy. Thanks to Rock Creek Rambler who shall henceforth be referred to as Facty Magoo. Mainly by me. And mainly while drunk.]

benfolds.jpg “The Luckiest” by Ben Folds
Cons: I get Ben Folds’ point, but on second thought, I don’t want any references to old people kicking the bucket on my wedding.

steveearle.jpg “Sparkle and Shine” by Steve Earle
Cons: There are no cons with the song itself. And my fiancé sings it to me. You can’t beat that. Bonus points because Earle is married to hot redhead Allison Moorer. However, I believe the playing of the bearded, anti-war rabblerouser within 100 yards of the White House is strictly prohibited.

Once we convened on this issue the matter was quickly and easily settled though. It’ll be Willie Nelson’s “I’ve Loved You All Over the World.” Lots of reasons, no real question about it.

Now, we’ll likely opt for the romantic lean-and-sway approach to actually executing the first dance. But this couple (called to my attention by alert tipster Dena, who is getting so good at this that she might soon win a set of steak knives) provides a compelling argument for checking dignity at the door.

To clear your brain of the image of the newlyweds turning one of the most important days of their lives into a floor show worthy of Rumors, how about M. Ward doing a cover of the song that lends its lyric to this post’s title? It was another possibility. Enjoy the mellow.


13 Responses to “Let’s Dance, For Fear Your Grace Should Fall”

  1. I-66 Says:

    I vote Closer by Nine Inch Nails, Thug In Me by Tupac Shakur, or the original One More Chance by The Notorious B.I.G.

    And, just for kicks, Say “Ten” by Reel Big Fish

  2. Johanna Says:

    Anything by Peaches or Duran Duran.

  3. Arjewtino Says:

    From 5ives:

    Five songs I’d love to hear a couple use for the first dance at their wedding reception

    1. “When You Sleep” by My Bloody Valentine
    2. “Outdoor Miner” by Wire
    3. “Your Wedding” by Smog
    4. “Brand New Love” by Sebadoh
    5. “Make Out Club” by Unrest

  4. Jo Says:

    Oh I love The Luckiest! It’s such an oddly really cute song.

  5. freckledk Says:

    “If you can’t be with the one you love, honey, love the one you’re with…” That’s my JAM. Or Social D’s “Ball and Chain.”

    But yours is good, too.

    I knew a guy who did his walk down the aisle to Europe’s “The Final Countdown.” It was AWESOME.

  6. Bridal Bird Says:

    Jo-It really is quirky and lovely.

    As for the rest of you—Excellent choices. I can see why all of you reprobates are unmarried. 😉

  7. I-66 Says:

    …that you know of.

  8. rcr Says:

    I hate to nitpick but… who am I kidding, I love to nitpick. “The Luckiest” was Ben Folds solo, no Five there. And Lynyrd Skynyrd were always great fans of Neil Young – the Sweet Home Alabama reference was tongue in cheek.

    I would recommend the junior high school dance route and go with Bryan Adams’s “Everything I Do, I Do It for You.” Or Metallica’s “Enter Sandman.”

    Ooh, ooh how about Extreme’s “More Than Words?”

  9. rcr Says:

    In all seriousness though, and maybe this is just the virginia boy in me, I would suggest “I’ll Back you Up” by Dave Matthews Band.

  10. Bridal Bird Says:

    Holy crap, Encyclopedia Brown. Nicely done. I had no idea.

    Regarding “I’ll Back You Up”—yes, it is a beautiful song. But the association for me is firmly rooted in South Carolina c. 1997 and it probably ought to stay there for all involved.

  11. Hammer Says:

    “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” – the Dwight Yoakam version.

    ‘Nuff said.

    Well, either that or “Boom Boom Boom” by John Lee Hooker:

    Boom boom boom boom
    I’m gonna shoot you right down,
    right offa your feet
    Take you home with me,
    put you in my house
    Boom boom boom boom
    A-haw haw haw haw
    Hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm
    Hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm

  12. I-66 Says:

    I think the uncensored version of Boom Boom Boom by Outhere Brothers is better. I mean, seriously, what better song to depict the pending post-marriage activity than one that uses the words “bend you over, slip my peter inside your folder?”

  13. etcetera Says:

    my friends wanted that deathcab song “i will follow you in to the dark….” for their first dance. i told them that made them Preppy-Goth.

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