If You Give Me an Inch, I’ll Take Ohio


Dear D.C., Maryland, Virginia,


Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania? Have I ever told you how great you look in that shirt? Because it really brings out the color of your eyes. Oh my God have you states been working out? (giggle, hair twirl, hip jut.)

Bridal Bird


6 Responses to “If You Give Me an Inch, I’ll Take Ohio”

  1. I-66 Says:

    Come on. You know Pennsylvania is on steroids.

  2. Arjewtino Says:

    Don’t forget the eyelash flutter. Worked on Washington state.

  3. Bridal Bird Says:

    Thanks to both of you for not mentioning what it took to get South Carolina on board. You’re gentlemen.

  4. I-66 Says:

    Oh come on… all you need to do is give them a swift kick.

  5. Johanna Says:

    Though my tears over sweet Mittens’ departure still flow and flow hard, I offer you and your boyfriend a most sincere “well played.”

  6. Bridal Bird Says:

    I-66-That baby is, and always will be, my computer wallpaper image.

    J-We’re trying desperately to preserve teh hotness in the White House campaign for you.

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