You’re Dang Right I’m Going to Be After Their Lucky Charms


Dulles to Dublin, Redeye Direct

Dublin, 4 Days
Lodging: Westin Dublin

Pick up car and head up to County Monaghan in Northern Ireland, 2 Days
Lodging: B&B TBD

Mayo/Galway, 3 Days
Lodging: Ashford Castle

Ennis/Cliffs of Moher, 3 Days
Lodging: Old Ground Hotel


My question to you: ever been to Ireland? Any thoughts for us as we meander from Dublin to Monaghan, then down to Galway and Connemara? I know Dublin will include skulking around in James Joyce’s footsteps in some fashion. (I didn’t take an entire semester studying Ulysses, and Ulysses only, for nothing.) And in Ennis, I’ve been advised by SnacksPlease* that I’d be remiss in not heading to tiny, neighboring Doolin each night to take in the live music that fills the three pubs that comprise the village. Oh, and in addition to clay shooting, golf and equestrian pursuits, Ashford Castle has falconry. Of course i’m going to try it.

 *The honeymoon MVP, because she steered us to Sceptre Tours, who pulled off a package at least twice as nice in upgrades as the one we were putting together ourselves, and for about $1,000 less.


11 Responses to “You’re Dang Right I’m Going to Be After Their Lucky Charms”

  1. Mary Ellen Says:

    What do I get for my services?
    You know I can be a downright bore on this topic, so I refrain…
    But! But! Because I can’t control myself! And because I do love Mayo so — Ashford is in Mayo, not Galway — I say you should turn that part of the vacation into the adventure part! You can get in good with God by climbing Croagh Patrick. And you could book a hike at the Connemara Hiking Center in Clifden (not too too far), and you could drink Guinness at Matt Molloy’s Pub in Westport!

  2. PerfectlyPlumpPreppy Says:

    First of all Sceptre Tours is excellent. I went to Ireland a few years ago and their guides/drivers are top notch. They know the answer to any question you can imagine asking.

    My very favorite day trip in Ireland was to the village/resort town of Cobh (pronounced Cove). It was beautiful. It has quite a rich history with the Titantic and Lusitania.

    Also you must make sure you take a ferry out to the Aran Islands. It is so worth it. We went to Inishmoor (sp?!) and climbed to the top of this fort and shopped in a tiny shop for gorgeous handmade sweaters (sweaters that Julia Roberts and Sharon Stone send away for btw).

    Hope this was of some help 🙂

  3. Bridal Bird Says:

    MEF-A personalized postcard! Eek, I’ll edit that now. And good tips, as always.

    PPP-I’m glad to hear the good input on them. We’re not actually doing a guided tour, though. They just booked us into everywhere we wanted to go. We’re going to be (strike that, my fiancé’s going to be driving us through the country on the assumption that I’m a terrible enough driver in the U.S. that there’s certainly no need to try my dainty hand at it in a foreign country.) Thanks for the input on the locales!

  4. K Says:

    What? No Belfast? But it’s so beautiful up there, especially north of there – Greencastle and Greenisland, and driving through the countryside along the coast.

    In Dublin, you’ve got to walk through the Trinity campus and get drinks in the Hotel Fitzwilliam bar.


  5. Mary Ellen Says:

    Can I eat a postcard? I think not.
    Chocolate-covered Hobnobs, cheese and onion crisps, and one milking cow, please.
    (Oh, and a Cadbury Flake chocolate bar!)

  6. B Says:

    Have never posted before but wanted to share some tips from a trip last year!

    First and foremost: get the GPS from the rental car place. Seriously. Without it, we may have never made it out of the Dublin airport parking lot. You will be so glad you have it when you come to every “roundabout,” unmarked road, random road-that-doesn’t-look-like-a-road, etc. Also, rent the smallest car in which you are comfortable…the roads and aforementioned roundabouts are super narrow and lined by hedges or stone walls.

    We had the most fun/best Guiness (don’t the two go hand in hand?) in Ennis! We liked Doolin as well, but when we were there it was a bit more touristy (which is fun too) but definitely spend a night out in Ennis. Where many places have all of the singalongy type songs that you sing in bars here, in Ennis we got to watch a group of “trad”musicians who literally just meet up in different pubs and then…well, have a jam session. There are Irish people (many with serious, serious beards) who follow them around…we befriended several, who explained to us how each person takes a turn “leading” the others with their instrument. The best moment of the night was when one of our new friends pulled rib bones (yes, rib bones) out of his pocket and joined the group.

    I’ll try to find out the name of the pub we went to, but I think you just call around the pubs there and ask who’s having live music that night – and remember that 9 pm means 1030 or later. I think we were the only non-Irish people there. Awesome fish and chips joint on the main street as well.

    I could go on for a while, so if you want some more info, send me an email and I’d be happy to tell you more…enjoy!

  7. The Maiden Metallurgist Says:

    My favorite part of Ireland was County Kerry, but it looks like you’re not heading down there! Too bad. Try to eat as much chocolate as you can while you are there, mmmmm.

  8. class factotum Says:

    Kilkenney is a gorgeous town south of Dublin.

    Pay for the tour guide at the castles — they tend to be (or were, in 1998) college students majoring in history. They gave great tours.

    Eat lots of brown bread — it’s fabulous!

    Take a coat. We were there in July and it was still cold.

  9. kate.d. Says:

    dublin – avoid temple bar. there will be tourists in green foam hats. really. The Bleeding Horse was a good pub, though not really the small and cozy type.

    galway – the king’s head is a cute place and has pretty good food. right in the center of town.

    it’s a bit of effort to get out to the aran islands, but if you can go on a clear day (no choppy ferry ride) then it’s worth for the postcard irishness of it all.

  10. dcres Says:

    Literally right next to Ashford Castle is Connemaur (sp?) park. Even if you don’t like hiking, hike to the highest point you can (don’t worry there’s a trail). The views are COMPLETELY worth it!!!!

    My wife can’t walk 5 feet without panting and she did it just fine so anybody can do it. Trust me on this one.

    And don’t avoid temple bar, just don’t stay there long. It’s always fun to check out the touristy places just to laugh a little.

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