More Wedding Decisions Made, I-66 Boredom Imminent

For no other reason than I’m relieved to be finally making some wedding decisions, I’m posting them here. Because I’m an instant gratification girl. I don’t like waiting 10 months. Feel free to practice your oohs, ahs, and ewws, now.

The Color Scheme
Every bridal magazine will implore its readers, breathlessly, that they simply must pick a color scheme tuit suite. There is no explicit reason given as to why, but the implication is clear: failure to do so will result in the early demise of one’s marriage, global warming, and someone, somewhere, will punch a tubercular orphan and kick a puppy. While I’m generally anti-all that stuff, I’ve not exactly felt a sense of urgency on picking a $@*% color scheme. Slowly and lazily, I’ve settled on one. Pale orange, green, and a few pale pink accents. Sounds heinous, right? I think it will actually work. I can’t believe I’m about to use this as a reference point, but you’ll see the shades of orange, green, and pink that I’m talking about on this cover:


However, as soon as I picked my color scheme I realized I haven’t the faintest clue what I’m supposed to use it for. My reception flowers are going to be white. My invitations will probably be cream and black. I don’t have any bridesmaids. Maybe my own boquet?  

The Flowers
Despite the fact that I don’t eat teh meat, I am not a complete hippie. However, I am trying in whatever way possible to not be a complete environmental Cruella de Ville with this wedding. It’s not “green” by any stretch, because an event dedicated to excess is by its very nature unnatural, but where I can…yadda yadda. Most notably, that’s with the flowers. Personally, I can’t support ordering a mess of cut flowers to be jetted in from South America then thrown away a couple days later. For starters, the labor abuses on flower farms are notorious and then there’s the wallop to the environment from having the flowers (typically pesticide drenched, as a double bonus!) shipped. So I’m going with locally grown, ceramic potted, white phalaenopsis orchids for each table.


Said ceramic pots: orchidpots.jpg

The “Theme”
Now, I would sooner get married at a chapel in Vegas than have a wedding “theme” like “Paris in Puce.” (Snaps if you can beat Johanna to identifying what 1980s television movie featured this as a theme.) However, there’s something to be said for some sort of aesthetic that binds the whole shebang together. Since both my fiance and I are reporters/writers–and since that’s what brought us together because we met when I started reporting for his paper–I’ve decided a few bits of homage to that could be just the thing. So I’ll have an antique typewriter and a stack of paper out for guests to peck out a hello, in lieu of a traditional guest book. We’ll use vintage typewriter keys to mark the table cards. And if I can pull it off, I’m designing invites and favor tags that use typewriter font. We’ll see how it goes. I’m going for “quirky and personal,” not “too cute by half.”


OK, I’m done now. Someone wake up I-66.


13 Responses to “More Wedding Decisions Made, I-66 Boredom Imminent”

  1. I-66 Says:

    I’m not asleep. I’m resting my eyes.

  2. Lemmonex Says:

    I never understood the color scheme thing either–for the reasons you state. I mean, I really like turquoise (a classy turquoise!) but I would never subject a bridesmaid to a dress that color. I am gonna make a horrible bride to someone one day. (I do like the colors you picked, btw…)

  3. Jo Says:

    This is the part of the wedding planning where I run screaming in the direction of a courthouse.

  4. Arjewtino Says:

    Dance ‘Til Dawn.

  5. RCR Says:

    Enchantment Under the Sea

  6. wendymyers Says:

    🙂 I love the Cruella de Ville reference. It sounds like you are on the right track. Good Luck!

  7. mary Says:

    So THAT’S why you seem so sane! No Bridesmaids!
    Kidding, sort of.

  8. Nadine Says:

    One of the brides on the Weddingbee blog is also using a vintage typewriter font on her invites and gave the name. Here ‘s the link, hope it comes in handy.

  9. Nadine Says:

    Aack! Edited to put correct link:

  10. Georgia Says:

    “So I’m going with locally grown, ceramic potted, white phalaenopsis orchids for each table.” — Love this! Very, very pretty.

    As for themes — my mom, the Widow, is marrying Ed, the Widower, this June. The Widow/Widower labels are important because in the first weddings of both couple, neither really got a say. Mom was married in a simple family ceremony (and reception) in the party room of her and Dad’s apartment building. Ed was suckered into the HUGE, elaborate wedding…but the man is incredibly shy and soft-spoken and the attention nearly gave him a panic attack. So for their wedding Mom and Ed are doing it their way with a Roaring Twenties theme wedding. Props and costumes have been encouraged. Yes, I said costumes. Fortunately, I have been able to shift my dear Mum’s literal interpretation of “flapper” to instead by art deco inspired. With no drop waists. I’m fighting those silly 20’s cocoon/bowler type hats. Roaring Twenties theme wedding and the woman is still asking if she’s putting a “personal style stamp” on the event…

    The only bonus in this game is that if I get married I get to do everything the way I want. No appeasing Mommy Dearest!

  11. Mary Ellen Says:

    Look here!
    Somebody else already thought of vegetable centerpieces! (Or do you think they overheard me somewhere? I don’t really go anywhere…but it’s possible.)
    Or here:
    This one is awesome. It has asparagus!!
    (Take your fingers out of your ears. You look silly.)

  12. Mary Ellen Says:

    And my other favorite (oft-ignored) idea: Cupcakes!
    Did you see the flavors at the new Georgetown Bakery??
    Lemon blossom!

  13. Bridal Bird Says:

    I-66-Your glasses with eyeballs painted on them aren’t fooling anyone, mister.

    Lemon-Thanks. Yeah, I just don’t get it.

    Jo-Courage! 😉

    Arjewtino-Look at you, smartie! Starring my one-year favorite: Brian Bloom…mmm….Brian Bloom….

    RCR-(trilling) Sounds like someone wants to be a wedding planner.

    Wendy-Trying. Failing mightily probably. But trying.

    Mary-Best compliment ever. 😉

    Nadine-Thank you! When I was first looking into this I saw to see if other brides had had any luck pulling it off, I saw her site (before her invites came in.) Now that I see them, I’m totally going to call her designer.

    Georgia-I beg of you, please submit post-wedding details for my “I’m Not Sh**ing You I Actually Saw This At a Wedding” feature.

    ME-I’ll tell you where ya’ can put yer vegetable centerpieces. On the upside, yes! Those cupcakes look phenom. However, I’ve already had one request for regular cake. 😉

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