We Traced the Calls. They’re Coming From INSIDE the Bridal Expo.


It was the fifth such phone call in 48 hours to my office phone.

Me: [Publication name], Bridal Bird speaking.
Saleschick: Hiiiii. I’m calling from Amalgamated Wedding Services and just wanted to talk with you about your wedding entertaaaaaainment. Doyouhaveaminute?
Me: Can I ask you something? I’ve gotten five wedding solicitation calls in the last two days. This is my office. What godforsaken list did I land on?
Saleschick (immediately dropping the faux-perky and adopting a “sucks to be you” tone): You went to the Washington Bridal Expo right?
Me: Yes. (shuddering at the memory)
Saleschick: There’s your problem. They give your number to everybody. I mean eve.ry.bod.y.
Me: I cannot believe I actually filled in my work number on that form and that they make that the primary contact number for vendor solicitations.
Saleschick: Oh yeah. I can remove you from our list, definitely. But you’re still gonna get a ton of calls.
Me: And there’s no way to get off the list?
Saleschick (laughing): Oh God, no. You’re in there. Like, for good. And any time you fill out something online that makes it worse. So, I’m taking you off our list now. But you could fill something out online and end up back on our list.
Me: Fantastic.

Hanging up I realized there was only one solution. Intern. The wedding vendors of the greater metro area weren’t going to tell themselves to go f**k themselves. Plus, it will better prepare her for an actual job in journalism. For my fellow brides, just save yourself time down the line and write that phrase directly on the form when anyone asks for your contact phone number.


2 Responses to “We Traced the Calls. They’re Coming From INSIDE the Bridal Expo.”

  1. I-66 Says:

    Can I tell people to go [expletive] themselves? Pretty please? I still don’t have a job. I accept beer as payment.

  2. OC Says:

    Same exact thing is happening to me! I just received a call from Today’s Bride 21st Century about winning a vacation. They left a message and I never called back. If you google “Today’s Bride 21st Century” you’ll be inundated with tales of scams and ruined credit ratings. Who knew there was such an evil side to the bridal industry!

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