A Very Famous Father of the Bride


Apparently, George W. Bush’s new favorite line with which to open speeches is that he was running late because Laura was making him watch Father of the Bride. I find this funny because if he really has been watching it—and let’s be honest, the chances are at least three times greater than if she’d told him to read a book of some sort—he would have observed the following:

* A gay man figures prominently in the movie. He spends the 90 or so minutes of the film supporting a marriage rather than tearing the entire institution assunder by virtue of his sheer gayosity. At the end of the movie in which he is allowed within 100 feet of the process of marriage, there are no apparent signs of bestiality becoming the order of the day or terrorist incursions into the United States.


* Steve Martin stars in it. Steve Martin who is so full of gooey liberal goodness that he supported Christopher Dodd in the primary and he donated $2,300 to the Al Franken for Senate campaign. When he got married last year, former Sen. Bob Kerrey (D-Liberalistan) presided. I can only assume that Bush watched through squinted eyes trying to convince himself it was really John McCain starring in the movie. “Heh heh, Johnny’s funny. I like that scene where’s he’s in the grocery store yellin’ ’bout the hot dog buns. Heh heh, dang. I could go for a hot dog.”

 martin.jpg mccain.jpg

* The entire movie is set in the Republic of California, where the lattes flow freely, NPR enjoys unchallenged supremacy of the airwaves, and people shop for organic, free-trade, free-range eggs at farmers markets. Every single character in this movie would vote for Barack Obama if they could.

You can see why I was surprised by Bush’s affinity for the movie.

Then I stepped back. Took a macro look, as it were. In doing so, I realized: Father of the Bride‘s main character is a hapless buffoon named George who founders through events, kept afloat by the levelheadedness and accumen of those surrounding him, while he tries to ignore the fact that it’s sometimes necessary to prepare extensively for a complex event which is likely to be long, costly, and significant.

Pass the popcorn, Poppa Bush. 



3 Responses to “A Very Famous Father of the Bride”

  1. Arjewtino Says:

    This is tremendous insight into a movie that obviously mirrors complex current geopolitical events.

    You should do the same for your favorite movie of all time, Fever Pitch.

  2. Franck Says:

    Arjew is spot on. Is there any correlation between George’s inability to distinguish a black tuxahdo from a blue one and the inability of Bush’s GOP to distinguish red voting precincts from blue ones in recent elections?

  3. Jen Says:

    This is my first time reading your blog. I’ll be back! You had me at hot dogs.

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