“[S]he’s gone soft on us, like some schoolboy bitch.”

pheartsi.jpg (Safe for now, but on notice never the less.)

A programming note. For several weeks I’ve not being doing “Pompous Hearts Insufferable Mondays.” Had a change of heart about the whole matter. Dating back to my Brunch Bird days I’ve made it general practice never to write anything on the blog that I wouldn’t say in person. And no matter how insufferable some occupants of the New York Times’ Vows section and its ilk appear to be, the fact is, I would not point this out to their faces should I encounter them browsing for $20,000 imported Peruvian goat chinhair rugs alongside me at ABC Carpet & Home. Therefore, fade to black on that.


4 Responses to ““[S]he’s gone soft on us, like some schoolboy bitch.””

  1. I-66 Says:

    You have gone so soft. Flaccid, even.

  2. Bridal Bird Says:

    Make no mistake, I’ll deliver you a beatdown in person, just as I would here, sugarbuns.

  3. Hammer Says:

    Awww shit! I-66 just got sugarbunned!

    Been nice knowing ya, kid…

  4. fighting…loss…of…resolve… « Bridal Bird Says:

    […] wasn’t even two weeks ago that I, in a fit of goodwill, decided to stop doing Pompous Hearts Insufferable Monday. Was I rewarded for my karmic good turn? No. Instead, I opened […]

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