Comings and Goings. Some of Them Disease Infested!


1. Miss Pixie’s is closing in Adams Morgan. NOOOOOOOoooo! Not only did she have great finds, but I also dug walking by and checking out her ever-changing, eye-catching window displays. And she always had chocolate chip cookies behind the counter. And if you came in on days it was snowing she had a freshly opened bottle of wine back there with the cookies. Plus I fear this will pave the way for yet another chain. According to a sign that went up last night, Miss Pixie is sashaying down to 14th Street with the rest of the cool kids.

2. Spotted in Adams Morgan recently, courtesy of the new Wachovia branch:
My initial cynical response was to roll my eyes, but then I realized that this idea is genius. It just needs a little tweaking. Instead of mid-day checking account hawking, you load these things up with jumbo slices and send ’em down 18th Street at 2 a.m. Who gets out alive? The drunkies? The wheelie guys? It’s anybody’s guess!

3. Finally, what’s up with the rodents? First SnacksPlease is dealing with rats, then CityDesk is reporting a mouse incursion. We had our own mouse run-in this weekend and now Ms. Poole has one eating her brownies. Local government entities, please start spaying and neutering your rodent populations.


7 Responses to “Comings and Goings. Some of Them Disease Infested!”

  1. Marissa Says:

    Question: How do I get a sweet job of marketing checking accounts from a Segway?! Or jumbo slices…or whatever…

  2. Bridal Bird Says:

    That reminds me of the line from The Breakfast Club. “How does one become a janitor? [Marissa] here was very interested in persuing a career in the custodial arts.”
    Who am I kidding? They probably rochambeau each other for the chance to get to do that during the workday.

  3. Shannon Says:

    The two most annoying things in DC right now are Segway tours clogging the sidewalks, and the endless proliferation of bank branches. Thank you, Wachovia, for merging the two! That’s just genius.

  4. RCR Says:

    Seriously, all these banks tout the wonderous glory of online banking, yet at the same time seem to be opening more and more physical branches. As for Miss Pixie’s, it will probably be a T-Mobile.

  5. Savior Says:

    …or a Five Guys?

  6. Bridal Bird Says:

    Shannon-Agreed. Next time I see these guys, I’m taking them out. Just on principle.

    RCR-I know, I know. My mother is a banking exec. The next time I see her, I’m taking her out. Just on principle.

    Savior-Somewhere on K Street my fiancé just got very, very excited at the mere suggestion.

  7. lacochran Says:

    Now if we can merge the Segways with the ATMs then we don’t even have to move to get money. Ah, the American slack-ass dream.

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