fighting…loss…of…friendly resolve…


It wasn’t even two weeks ago that I, in a fit of goodwill, decided to stop doing Pompous Hearts Insufferable Monday. (It was probably a moment of post-yoga calm. Stupid hippie stretching.) Was I rewarded for my karmic good turn? No. Instead, I opened Sunday Styles yesterday to find this. To recap:
* drawn together by real estate
* said real estate was a fabric-roofed structure called the “House of Earth and Light.”
* ceremony entrance music—Leonard Cohen and Gotan Project.
* antique kimono
Why do you mock me oh Lord?! (The only saving grace is that the groom ‘fesses up that the bride once ran over his mailbox.)

Speaking of insufferable…

and don’t let the video image fool you, it’s not going to W. It’s going to the Washington Post. That would be the largest paper of record in this town, that opted to print the following this morning in reference to W’s greeting last night from those attending the opening game at Nationals Park:

It was Zimmerman, the 23-year-old face of the Nationals franchise, who was awarded the task of handing the ball before the game to President Bush, who, at 8:13 p.m. strode onto the field to a near-equal mixture of cheers and boos

“Near-equal”? Is that like saying Bush lost the 2000 election due to a near-equal mixture of popular votes before he was appointed president by the Supreme Court? It’s a blatantly namby-pamby, innacurate description of what happened. He was booed. Period. You know how I know this isn’t just the impression imparted by my Lil’ Liberal Stinker Kit listening device? Because of this. Oop, looks like the Post has to share today’s insufferable honor with the Baltimore Sun, whose piece appears up top on that Google results page above a raft of other stories saying he was booed. (It appears that these hometown metro papers decided to play it safe and defer to the White House pool reporter’s not-at-all-inside-the-inner-sanctum determination that Bush was mainly greeted as a liberator last night.) But really you only need one person to let you know what was happening last night. Take a look at the video above again. Bush himself will tell you what was going on with the look on his face at 0:55.

Burns: “Smithers, are they booing me?”
Smithers: “Uh no. They’re saying boo-urns! boo-urns!”


One Response to “fighting…loss…of…friendly resolve…”

  1. I-66 Says:

    Hans Moleman: “I was saying boo-urns…”

    If they weren’t going to accurately represent the crowd reaction, why did they even bother saying anything about it?

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