The Grand Forehead Slap

Friday, 8 a.m., breakfast table
[Washington Post Weekender section open to movie still of comedian David Cross wearing oversized novelty sunglasses while sitting at a poker table.]
Fiancé: What movie is that?
Me (reading review): It’s called The Grand. It’s a Christopher Guest-style movie about poker players. It’s got a ton of funny people in it.
Fiancé: What’s the review say about it?
Me: They liked it. I’ve never heard of it.
Fiancé: Me neither.

Friday, 5 p.m., cell phone conversation
Fiancé: Do you want to see a movie tonight?
Me: Sure. Body of War?
Fiancé: I’m in the mood for something funny. How about that movie we were reading about this morning?
Me: OK…The paper says it’s only playing at E Street Theater. I’ll meet you after work.
Fiancé: Cool.

Friday, 7:15-9:15 p.m., inside theater
Fiancé and I: (laughter)(snickering)(general teehee’ing)
Fiancé as credits start to roll: That was really good. I’ve got to call Noah (our poker-playing friend) and tell him about it. He would really like that.
Credits starting to roll: “Co-produced by Matt Bierman…”
Fiance: Hey, he spells ‘Bierman’ the same way Noah spells his last name.
Me: Isn’t Noah’s brother a movie producer?
Fiancé and I simultaneously: Holy shit, this is Noah’s brother’s movie!

And scene.

Moral of the story: Planning a wedding makes you very, very forgetful. Also, go see The Grand. It’s really funny.

In other news, we saw Macbeth at the Folger Shakespeare Theater last night. But we’re 99.9% certain we don’t know the guy who did that one. I’d say go see it but that would be pointless because due to the pre-show buzz about the awesome direction and illusions designed by Teller (of Penn & Teller fame) the run’s been sold out for weeks. Which is a nice way of saying, “nanny nanny boo boo,” I suppose.


5 Responses to “The Grand Forehead Slap”

  1. Shannon Says:

    You eat breakfast? At an actual table? Wow, you’re way classy.

  2. Bridal Bird Says:

    Yup, this morning was scrambled eggs and baguette toast. And we read the newspaper and comment on the detailed happenings in it and everything. I’m not going to lie, it’s like the 7:45-8:30 a.m. portion of my c.-1986 childhood “when I grow up I want to live in a big city and…” fantasy come to life.

  3. I-66 Says:

    …but you can say you know someone who was in Twelfth Night at the Folger 18 years ago.

  4. Shannon Says:

    Dude, I don’t get out of bed until 7:45. Breakfast is a granola bar snarfed on the way to the Metro.

  5. Hammer Says:

    I play a large-ish regular poker game a couple Sundays per month, and so I’ve put this flick on the crew’s radar screen. Thanks! (I’d see it for the vastly underrated David Cross alone.) Ours is a friendly low-to-medium stakes game, and as far as I’m concerned, the smack-talk and personality conflicts are more fun than the actual card playing. (That being said, I cleaned those guys out a couple nights ago and now have gas money for a month or two. Good times.)

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