Oh Sweet Lower 48. Let’s Never Fight Again.

We had a rule during sorority rush. If you knew that a particular potential pledge had a serious character flaw, instead of trashing her, you simply said “No comment” to indicate to the chapter that there was a potential problem with the young lady in question. I am reminded of that approach as I sit here mulling what to say about Alaska. In an effort to avoid inciting a mob of frozen-halibut brandishing zealots to march to my home, I will simply say “No comment.” In fact, I’ll actually go one further. I will say that I saw some incredibly beautiful wilderness there. Also, I did not get eaten by a bear. There. I’ve been quite magnanimous I think.

If you have nothing else to do right now, feel free to check out a mishmash of video clips culled from the Flipcam video I was shooting to keep my friends and fam abreast of my whereabouts. Basically, I was preparing a video diary for them to provide visible evidence that I had not been eaten by a bear that particular day and there was no need to send in the rangers. It was a good system.


12 Responses to “Oh Sweet Lower 48. Let’s Never Fight Again.”

  1. Lisa Says:

    We had a “questionable reputation” option in my sorority during rush. If you said “QR” everyone was supposed to vote no. Glad Alaska is beautiful. I could happily visit in the absolute dead of summer.

  2. K Says:

    We had something much more ominous – the pre-cut. A girl could pre-cut a single girl by privately telling her assumed sordid reasons to the rush chair. The rushee in question would then simply not be invited back after first or second round (I forget which), no matter how positively she was rated by the sisters who met her. I once found out a rush crush was pre-cut, tracked down who did it, forced her to tell me why, and berated for it. Not my proudest moment.

    Oh, and loved your videos, too. 🙂

  3. Arjewtino Says:

    I believe reindeer dogs are kosher. Next time, bring me back one.

  4. Bridal Bird Says:

    Lisa-Were I to ever return I would definitely do the summer. And not go for work. And take someone with me.

    K-Egads. You guys were fat circlers, too, weren’t you?! Thanks!

    Arjewtino-Crud. Too late. I brought you back an actual reindeer.

  5. What Liz Said Says:

    Your blog is fabulous. Definitely count me as a regular reader now.

  6. K Says:

    No, no fat circling, but the “pledge education” video on hazing contained it, and we laughed heartily.

    BTW, the pre-cutter so deserved berating. She was all, “well, she hooked up with a couple of guys on our floor last year.” and I was all, “oh, worse than you at our Anything For Money Mixer?”

    Ah, sorority life!

  7. Lemmonex Says:

    One of my best friends spent months in Alaska on the Knowles campaign. I think you and her could definitely share a drink and come up with a list of 100001 things to hate about Alaska.

  8. I-66 Says:

    What? No footage of you being molested by the caribou? And did you really “tee hee”?

  9. Worried Says:

    Why do I get the impression that you were narrating your own trip even when the camera was off?

  10. Bridal Bird Says:

    What gave it away? That I was talking to an elk at one point?

  11. Johanna Says:

    Cold, rude, and Saks-free though it may have been, I believe the silver lining surrounding your trip was the discovery of my longtime TV-addiction trifecta of ‘Intervention,’ ‘Lockup,’ & ‘Snapped.’

  12. Lisa in Floirda Says:

    Spooky video. We have the same voice. It reminds me of the video I made of my husband rushing past the “DO NOT ENTER” sign at the volcano on Hawaii. I figured I should get it down in case needed for life insurance pay out/”AMerican’s Stupidest Home Videos” etc.

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