A Star is Born, Wait A Few Weeks and All Coldplay Lyrics are Applicable, Jenna Bush Gets Me a Wedding Present, and The Orioles Continue to Love Me Back

Because I can, that’s why.

1. Stylista, appearing this fall on the CW immediately after America’s Next Top Model, will be the greatest show ever in the history of television. I’m BFF-contractually obligated to say that. Why, you ask? Take a gander at fourth from the right. Look familiar? Yes, that’s our girl Johanna, all growsed up and ready to unleash her sartorial reign of terror on the entire country. I couldn’t be prouder. Mainly, because this means I’ll have an actual celeb at the wedding. You see how this all comes back to me?

2. When I first heard it, I did not think much of this. After multiple listens during a particularly angry session at the gym last night, I am now on board. And the first person who makes a “you know how I know you’re gay?” joke is getting banned for life from the comments for the crime of triteness.

3. There is nothing like the icy stab of fear that comes from suddenly seeing one’s daily stats jump by 3,000+ hits. My first thought is always, “Oh crap, who linked to me?” Well in this case it wasn’t an incoming link, it was that for some odd reason on Sunday and Monday, anyone Google Imaging “Jenna Bush” or “Jenna Bush wedding” or some permutation thereof seemed to find their way to BridalBird. Oddly enough, I haven’t posted about the first daughter in quite a while. As for the wedding itself, I will say that it sounds like it was lovely. In fact it’s the exact wedding we would have held had we opted for Plan B, which was to get married just outside of Austin. My only point of contention about the Bush-Hagar nuptials was the repetition in the press of the idea that Jenna was having a “laid-back affair.” Chickadee had 15 bridesmaids. Yes, I know she said her sister was her only bridesmaid and that the 14 female friends standing behind her sister in matching dresses were merely a “house party” but um, if it looks like a monster wedding and it smells like a monster wedding…But that’s truly nitpicking because everything else looked swell. Except a few names on the guest list. Obviously.

4. I’m a little in love with Jim Johnson today.


14 Responses to “A Star is Born, Wait A Few Weeks and All Coldplay Lyrics are Applicable, Jenna Bush Gets Me a Wedding Present, and The Orioles Continue to Love Me Back”

  1. Mary Ellen Says:

    I would have liked to have been invited to Jenna’s wedding. I know we’ve never met… But did you see her Tres Leches wedding cake?? I love that stuff!

  2. freckledk Says:

    I’m sure it will be loads better than The Fashionista Diaries, which I always thought would have benefitted from a little Johanna. Good for her!

  3. I-66 Says:

    I won’t make a “you know how I know you’re gay?” joke, but I will say this is the first Coldplay song I’ve heard that hasn’t made me want to fall Zzzzzzzz…

    I guess I spoke too soon.

  4. RCR Says:

    Screw Coldplay, I’m waiting for the Fruit of the Loom guys to release an album.

  5. K Says:

    *LOVE* the new Coldplay. They will be at Verizon Center in July, I bleev tix go on sale Saturday. Not sayin’, just sayin’.

  6. K Says:

    Oh and duh, of course I want to say

    ROCK ON, J!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Lemmonex Says:

    I have been missing Johanna’s smart advice–this is fantastic.

  8. Bridal Bird Says:

    ME-Mmmm. More than enjoying the cake I would enjoy telling Karl Rove and George Bush that history and a higher power will judge them as a disgrace. So, it’s probably for the best that my invite appears to have gotten lost in the mail.

    FreckledK-What wouldn’t benefit from a little more Monte? I mean Johanna.

    I-66-You know how I know you’re narcoleptic?

    RCR-Yeah, I guess Coldplay is a guilty pleasure. Sort of like, ooh, I don’t know, One Tree Hill maybe.

    K-This Saturday? Yikes, I didn’t realize it was that soon. Let us muster a party then.

    Lemmonex-Well, it was nice getting to wear flipflops to work for two months without fear of a mercy killing, but I suppose it’s nice that she’s back…I kid, I kid.

  9. TXNinDC Says:

    I found your site from ASJINE – so excited to see Johanna’s back!

  10. TXNinDC Says:

    Yikes- I forgot to say that I’m loving your writing too 🙂 My sister just got married in March.

    Unfortunately, she didn’t have the same sense of humor as you do about the whole shin-dig. Fortunately, I have no “I’m sh*tting you not, I actually saw this happen at a wedding” moments.

  11. About to get banned Says:

    Before I get banned, let me ask one question about your willingness to embrace all the facets of “The Uglier Bush Twin”‘s wedding: do you really want a 40,000-pound limestone cross commissioned by the prez looming over you and your own Texan on that day? Seems kind of creepy, like a religious Big Brother.

    I’m sure Jim Johnson is re-reading this message non-stop. Not everyday a middle reliever for a terrible team gets any kind of love.

    OK, now I’m just rambling since I’m about to get banned.

    SO GAY!

  12. Bridal Bird Says:

    TXN-Welcome aboard! I have a feeling my sense of humor is directly proportionate to the number of days to the event. Talk to me in five months.

    Yes, you are—Er, forgot about the big creepy cross. It was a tad churchy for my tastes. And I’m actually getting married in a church. I’m sure I’m the highlight of many Orioles’ days, what with my unfailing support. (Except for when I’m cheering for the Nats.) And I’m happy to have you assail my team as being terrible, on account of you being Dolphins Superfan #1 and most assuredly knowing of what you speak.

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  14. jubakala Says:

    Viva la Vida is a great album but not the best of Coldplay discography. You should get familiar their earlier works as well! (:


    The Coldplay discography Guy

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