Want. Want. Want.

I have been a very reserved bride when it comes to spending. In fact I’ve taken it as a point of pride that I’ve tried to be reasonable about everything. Admittedly this has been made easier along the way by the fact that I consider myself to have simple tastes. Example: I don’t need fussy, elaborate floral arrangements because I don’t even like them. Single orchids, please, thank you. $1,500 for wedding invitations? Not a chance. So when first analyzing last fall how I’d allocate the budget I’d been given, I automatically gave the idea of having a videographer for the wedding a hearty “phhtttt.” Not necessary.

Then last month on DC Nearlyweds I read about Michael Eller’s Monachetti videography work. And like the writer there, I was suddenly a 5-year-old with my nose pressed up against the glass at Dr. Fantasmo’s Candy and Puppyorium.

A quick email exchange with Eller confirmed that his prices are indeed reasonable when compared with what the typical (and typically cheesy) videography services charge. Three to five minutes of edited video runs $2,000. It’s expensive and a luxury, to be sure, but it’s so tantalizingly doable, you know? Yet my fiancé hasn’t succumbed to my eyelash batting and begging and lobbying and pleading. Even attaching myself to his leg every morning as he heads out the door isn’t working. I’ve tried pointing out to him that, like our photography, we’ll have this for decades to come. It will be a lasting memento, to share with our children and their children, of the moment in time when we looked our hottest. No dice. I’m fairly convinced all he sees is a three to five minute video of him not buying a plasma screen TV.

deep sigh…If anyone owes me $2,000 that I’ve forgotten about, please give me a ring and remind me.


5 Responses to “Want. Want. Want.”

  1. lacochran Says:

    Maybe you can get weird Uncle Morty to get out his old 8mm.

    When I got married not so long ago, I noticed that anything including the word “wedding” required bo coo bucks. Cake is $100. Same cake with “wedding” in front of it is $300. Dress is $150. Call it a wedding dress, it’s $1,000. Quite the racket.

  2. RCR Says:

    Note to self – start videography business.

  3. etcetera Says:

    i’m not sure i’d waste so many precious seconds on close-ups of the curling iron. but everyone says i do have strange taste in wedding videography!

  4. I-66 Says:

    What if I said you owe me $2000?

  5. Bridal Bird Says:

    lachochran-Meh, it would cost $2,000 just to bail Uncle Morty out of jail anyway. And no doubt on the wedding racket.

    RCR-Good call. Then once you have a little experience under your belt, you can segue to porn, which pays…actually I’m not sure that porn would pay more than the wedding industry.

    Etc-Yeah, it’s a little heavy on the getting ready time. I believe that’s customized to the client though, so I guess those folks likey the curling iron.

    I-66-I would say come and get it. I would also say that I’ve trained Dakota to attack soccer-loving, rap-reciting Blasians, so you wants your money, you takes your chances.

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