You know what, Facebook targeted ad?

Saw it off. Seriously.


10 Responses to “You know what, Facebook targeted ad?”

  1. erin*carly Says:

    since i listed my relationship as “engaged,” those little ads are ALWAYS wedding related, and the most often one is the “skinny bride secrets” ad. how do they know i’m not some already-skinny recovering anorexic who will end up relapsing from all this pressure, and it’s all their fault?

    i wonder if i can sue over these targeted ads. (not that i want to relapse, but the winnings could pay for the wedding.)

  2. Lemmonex Says:

    Is this photo supposed to be of a “fat bride”? I certainly hope not. This is so wrong… Soon I am going to get facebook ads that tell me I should lose weight so my “single” status can change…

  3. Shannon Says:

    Since I’m over 30 and listed as “in a relationship,” I get ads about engagement rings and Botox treatments. I am not kidding.

  4. Mary Ellen Says:

    I’m getting ads for fancy cheese and first-class travel. Not sure why…

  5. Arjewtino Says:

    My FB ad promises I can make $150/hr. filling out surveys.

    A deal that good has GOT to be true.

  6. Marissa Says:

    I get Blockbuster and apartment renting ads. It’s like Facebook knows I’ll be a singe drifter forever. Magic!

  7. Bridal Bird Says:

    E*C-Make it a class action lawsuit and you’ve got yourself a co-signer.

    Lemmonex-No joke, a friend of mine was just telling me this weekend that she gets those.

    Shannon-I imagine the ad generator as being staffed by an evil leprechaun. Although in fairness I also imagine that that’s who’s staffing a lot of things.

    Mary Ellen-Do you have your status listed as “Elitist”? Just checking. Mmm…cheese.

    Arjewtino-That reminds me—I have this friend, a very His Excellency James Thumbscrewington Esq. who lives in Nairobi and needs a favor from your most gracious bank account.

  8. I-66 Says:

    I haven’t seen the Facebook ad pointing out which house your mom was in in some time. I mean, not that I don’t know…

  9. RCR Says:

    I shit you not:

    “Big Beautiful Women

    Don’t be alone. Meet big beautiful women at She is waiting for you! Create a profile for free.”

  10. Katie Says:

    I get ones all the time about loosing weight and drinking ass-flavored juice squeezed out of some berry. It’s really kind of degrading, because my brother never get’s add’s like that.

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