Yes, Apparently We Can. In Fact, We Just Did.

I hardly have words for this. Me, speechless. Well done, secret boyfriendpresumptive nominee Barack Obama. Well done. Looking forward to us becoming neighbors. We don’t have voting rights here, but you’ll love the vegan cinnamon rolls at Sticky Fingers.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go back to staring in complete amazement at the television screen.

UPDATE: Thanks to K, who came up with the photo I looked for all last night and early this morning. Yes, if you watched closely before last night’s speech, you saw Barack and Michelle Obama parting on stage right before his speech by doing “Shake and Bake.” Best. First Couple. Ever.


14 Responses to “Yes, Apparently We Can. In Fact, We Just Did.”

  1. I-66 Says:

    Right, you’re speechless.

    Next thing you’ll be telling me is you just tore into a New York strip, a McDonald’s double cheeseburger, and ate a six pack of Ball Park franks.

    How’s that speechlessness going now?

  2. K Says:

    Time to buy the pups their I ❤ OBAMA collars!

  3. Bridal Bird Says:

    I bought it yesterday!

  4. erin*carly Says:

    i heard about it on the radio this morning . . . so excited. we need change, and we need it now.

    i’d also like my fiancé to come home after deployment [in the Navy] and not get called back. can you do that for me, Obama? please?

  5. I-66 Says:

    What the Bird hasn’t divulged is that when she’s staring at the television it isn’t really on.

  6. Phil Says:

    Now we can all ride our Obama-issued Unicorns to freedom and change…

  7. Lisa in Floirda Says:

    I am real democrat, a BIG one. And I’ll vote for your “boyfriend”…and I’ll be HAPPY about it if he picks my girlfriend, Hillary, as his running mate.

    Pledged Hillary delegate (well, 1/2 of a delegate) from Florida

  8. Hammer Bobby Says:

    That. Just. Happened.

    My mind has been blown.

    And hell, if he picks my man Edwards as a running mate, I’ll even admit that I like those little thin pancakes.

  9. Bridal Bird Says:

    I-66-Of course. When it’s not on I can see my own reflection in it.

    Phil-Puhlease, unicorns are so old—so McCain. My man’s giving out pegacorns.

    Lisa-That’s the spirit! God love you Florida voters for the past eight years. You’re like the little engine that could. They take your votes and you just keep chugging.

    HamBob (what, I wasn’t going to go there?)-Oh it’s a delicious day isn’t it? An Obama-Edwards ticket would internally combust from all that hotness. It would be like a quasar folding in on itself. I’m a strong proponent of an Obama-Webb ticket.

  10. Arjewtino Says:

    You might like the way my blog looks today (and today only).

  11. RCR Says:

    The pegacorn of justice will impale McCain with his horn of hope and then fly away on the winds of change.

  12. etcetera Says:

    OMGZ!!!!!!!! shake n bake FTW!!!!!!!!!111 how did i miss this???!!! and the purple dress is to die for.

    also very very excited about my gov’t issued unicorn. good call, phil.

  13. Phil Says:

    The Republicans, however, and their NRA memberships, will blast that pegacorn to Hell.

  14. Bob Says:

    I felt the same way that night. We can revel in that for a long time, can’t we?

    Oh, but didn’t you get the memo? That is clearly a “terrorist fist jab.” Ha!

    Have a great day!

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