C is for Cookie, That’s Good Enough for Me…And 130 of Our Nearest and Dearest

It has become apparent from the wedding catalogs and magazines arriving in our mailbox that there is a plethora of stupid junk we could give people as wedding favors. I’ll not name check any particular stupid item because inevitably it will lead to at least one of my married readers saying in a huff, “But we thought our personalized tongue scrapers were adorable!” Faced with such offerings, I’ve been looking for alternatives.

A few months ago I mentioned to my sister that I was considering making my famous (trust me) chocolate chip cookies as favors. She gave me a look that she’s given me on occasion since childhood, a look best described as “How Did I and This Moron Spring Forth From the Same Womb?” Suffice it to say, it’s marinated to an effective potency after a couple decades. “How in God’s name are you going to have time to make all those cookies before your wedding?” she said in a tone that was the verbal equivalent of The Look. After I half-heartedly protested that it couldn’t be that hard, she did what she certainly felt was in my best interest and in her purview as the maid of honor and quashed the idea by dropping her chin, narrowing her eyes to skeptical half-slits and saying simply, “Dude.

[It might beg explanation for my newer readers that she was not merely riffing on the beer commercial. My nickname since babyhood has indeed been some form of Dude, courtesy of my older brother. It started as Little Dude, was later shortened to Dude and now my nieces and nephews call me Aunt Dude.]

I spent the last couple of months trying to come up with another idea to no avail. (I did at least determine that I want to do something edible so people don’t have to schlep a tchotchke around.) The other night, while watching Cookie Monster on the Colbert Report, I decided that dagnammit I’m making the cookies! I located a company online that sells little glassine bags to put them in and found a company that turns any image you send to them into a stamp. So I’ll finally get to use that vintage typewriter image of my father’s on the labels. I’ll make the cookies the week ahead of time and freeze them, something I do all the time and they taste fantastic when they thaw. Then the day before I’ll bag ’em and tag ’em. Plus, it will be something personal from us. I say “us” because someone’s going to have to taste test them for quality control and I have a feeling I know who that someone will be.

My question for you—do I do big tubs of ice with cartons of milk in them, too? I know it would look fun, but practically speaking would you actually grab a carton of milk with your cookies on your way out the door from a wedding? I could go either way on this.


29 Responses to “C is for Cookie, That’s Good Enough for Me…And 130 of Our Nearest and Dearest”

  1. EastportBride Says:

    I think that’s a fantastic idea, and yes I would grab a carton of milk to have with my cookie, unless it was mid-afternoon and I had somewhere to be and would end up leaving it in the car or something awful like that….but for guests going back to a hotel, it’s a great snack.

  2. Cookie Monster Says:

    While I appreciate your creativity in selecting your wedding favors and thank you for supporting that which I have made a career promoting (cookies, in case I’m not being clear), I wonder what will happen if any of your wedding guests don’t like chocolate. Yes, it’s a very rare disease. But they are out there. Much like lepers, chocolate-haters have been through a lot in their lives. Imagine being an 8-year-old attending a friend’s birthday party and finding that the cake was chocolate. You sit in the corner, pouting, wondering what you had done to deserve such a fate. Then it happens again when you’re 9, and 10, and 11…and continues through your adult life during office birthday celebrations, retirement parties, etc.

    And if that isn’t enough reason to reconsider, I will quote the great Ron Burgundy: “Milk was a BAD idea.”

  3. K Says:

    Me want cookie.

  4. Nadine Says:

    I’ve been to a wedding that did this, and did indeen grab milk-it was a perfect bedtime snack.

  5. Bridal Bird Says:

    EB-The reception will be wrapping up around 7. The snacking hour methinks?

    Cookie Monster-You make a good point. Perhaps two types are in order—chocolate chip and whatever you godless chocolate-hating heathens eat. Oatmeal? Snickerdoodle? The Burgundy quote is likely very, very apt, unfortunately. If only because every drunken lout (looking in your direction) will be stumbling out with their quaint milk cartons besmirching my favor cuteness by bellowing that on the front walkway of the hotel.

    K-Nom nom nom.

    Nadine-We’re 3 to 1 right now so the odds look good!

  6. I-66 Says:

    I say “us” because someone’s going to have to taste test them for quality control and I have a feeling I know who that someone will be.

    [raising my hand]

  7. freckledk Says:

    I think that’s a fantastic idea. Nothin says lovin like cookies from the oven.

    And now I’m hungry.

  8. J. Says:

    I love the whole freakin’ idea (milk included). Plus, it kind of ties into your writing theme, or whatever you want to call it. I don’t know about anyone else, but when I sit down to read the paper, I always have a (oreo) cookie and some milk. 🙂 Hope all goes well with the baking and the freezing – and no one gives you too much grief about it!

  9. Cookie Monster Says:

    Bird Lady:

    – Why would you assume I was a drunken lout?

  10. Phil Says:

    Instead of milk, why not give out White Russians?

  11. Lee Says:

    If they’re that famous, is there any chance we could get the recipe? I’m always looking for good cookie recipes.

  12. Beth Says:

    I probably wouldn’t, unless I was going to eat the cookies right then and there. And there’s no guarantee that I would wait till the next day since I already ate the great dessert offered. I guess I could go either way on this.

    You could also bag all the dry-ingredients together, and give instructions on the wet-ingredients that need added. I’m not sure if this would be easier or harder, but its another thought.

    If by chance you realize a week before the wedding (or perhaps earlier) that you don’t have time/energy to do this, you could always outsource this. A childhood friend recently opened her own bakery, and she’s shipped baked goods throughout the country, so I’d imagine she could ship cookies. Here’s her website. http://www.rubbercitycakesandcookies.com/. I’ve never bought anything from her, but she grew up a few doors down from me, and her mom’s baked goods were always good, so hers must be as well.


  13. Anon Says:

    Oooh — link request, link request! Where do you get the image made into a stamp? We designed an awesome logo with the map of Italy, a heart over the town where we’re getting married, and our initials, and I would love to get it on some kind of stamp or label for whatever we need. And rather than doing my own research, I’m just going to follow your lead, as I will when we call your printer for our invites. Anyway, hope it doesn’t bother you, but the stamps sound like a great idea (though ours won’t go on cookies). Also, my advice — can you bag and tag the cookies first and then put a bunch of bagged and tagged in an airtight container before freezing? I don’t think you want to save the bag and tag work for the day before the wedding, if you can possibly do it ahead of time.

  14. erin*carly Says:

    cookies are a fantastic idea! i just got a wedding favor of cookies . . . they were reflective of the heritages of the bride and groom. irish soda bread (not really a cookie, i know), two different kinds of biscotti, and ruggulah. the bride’s mom made the soda bread and ruggulah . . . and they had 260 guests! that’s a lot of cookies, huh.

    i agree about the chocolate though . . . consider doing a chocolate and a non-chocolate combination. also – don’t do peanuts or peanutbutter. you never know who has a peanut allergy. (speaking as an allergy-infected person who now can’t have chocolate chip cookies from bakeries.)

  15. freckledk Says:

    Mmmmm…Caucasians. Good idea, Phil.

  16. Bridal Bird Says:

    Thanks all. Crazy busy today, but here’s the link on the stamp company:
    A 2×2″ stamp is $13 plus s&h.

    As for the cookie recipe it’s just the one on the Tollhouse bag. But I make sure to always use high-quality ingredients–King’s Flour, Kerrygold Irish butter, etc. Also make sure the butter is just this side of soft, but not melted and certainly not cold. That gives it an even smooth texture. And finally, undercook them. If you open the oven at 9 minutes and the tops still look too light, they’re done. This is all assuming your enjoy a chewy, soft cookie. If you like them crispy, I’m not your gal.

  17. barred owl Says:

    the milk sounds AWESOME!
    i would totally grab a mini-chug on the way out the door to go with the cookies!

    i think oatmeal raisin is a good alternative for the non chocolate people

  18. Shelly C Says:

    Do not bag and tag the day before the wedding unless you have some minions to assist. It will take longer than you think and you doubtless will have other things to get ready. I’m sure you could bribe a few close friends with extra cookies for their help.
    Also, I prefer tea with my cookies. If you want to skip the ice and liquid route, you could hand out nice tea sachets with the cookies. Not as fun, but they’ll keep longer.

  19. papercupp Says:

    Excellent idea – YES! Everyone loves a midnight snack on their way out the door. I did a box of mini Amy’s Cookies (of Brooklyn) as a party favor. My name is Amy, so some guests thought I did the deed of baking! (I had to clear that up at the brunch the next morning.) Needless to say, they oohed and aaahed about how nice it was to have another dessert in their goody bag. I wish I would have thought of milk. What a great idea. If it’s in the budget, go for it !

  20. johanna Says:

    I’ll support this if there’s a soy milk option. Regular, not vanilla.

    Don’t complain, Bird, *you’re* the one who got me so hooked on all things soy in the first place!

  21. Backtrack! Says:

    wait… go back two posts. You were thinking of calling off the wedding? Wha? Huh?

  22. Carissa Says:

    Go for it! We just did this for our wedding with homemade brownies and people loved them – literally, not a favor box was left behind (which is actually bad for me, now that I think about it)!

    Just a thought, though: make them in small batches starting a few weeks out and freeze them so you’re not up until 4 am the night before making and bagging 60 dozen cookies.

  23. etcetera Says:

    sorry to be so late to the bandwagon, BB. but… i hereby volunteer to help with the bagging, bow-tie-ing and stamping the eve of the wedding. i’ve cultivated quite an expertise in assisting on last-minute tasks pre-wedding. and i promise no more than 5% of your cookie supply will go “missing.”

    (but seriously. you go to rehearsal dinner. leave me and d-dog with the goodies. it’ll be done when you get home.)

  24. Bridal Bird Says:

    BOwl-Mmm I love oatmeal cookies.
    Shelly C-Good idea!
    P-I’m thinking it’s a sure thing.
    J-Yes, this is definitely my mess and I’m going to have to clean it up. 😉
    B-Nope! See next post.
    C-That’s what I’m thinking. I’ll do them over a couple days in October. Only need 260 anyway. Oh god…
    Etc-Something tells me I’d come home to find you two passed out in diabetic comas on a ribbon-covered floor. Thanks for the offer!

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