The State of Our Union is Strong

Time out.

At some point today I will update with an actual post, but I started to accumulate enough comments on something that I thought it necessitated clarification. My fiance and I are not, nor have we ever, contemplated calling off the wedding. Last week I said that “the funny and I were thinking of calling it off” so I’d not blogged the previous week. I just meant that I wasn’t feeling funny. No funny. Funny nada.

Game on.


14 Responses to “The State of Our Union is Strong”

  1. I-66 Says:

    You mean “funny” and “fiance” are not the same thing? Next thing you’ll tell me is that the Orioles are not leading the AL East. Pshaw.

  2. suicide_blond Says:

    …schweet….game on…

  3. Outta here Says:

    And thus marks the end of your male following. Anyone know any truly vulnerable female bloggers out there?

  4. Backtrack! Says:


  5. rcr Says:

    So you are or are not marrying the concept of amusement and laughter?

  6. Phil Says:

    Don’t worry, ‘Outta here’, there’s still plenty of time for BB to have some sort of hormonal outburst/breakdown and call the whole thing off.

    Just keep her away from the xanax.

  7. I-66 Says:

    I think she’s getting it by IV these days.

  8. Evy Says:

    You know, despite the fact that I read this blog daily (it’s my 2 o’clock treat), I’ve never been sucked into the comments before. However, I am SO GLAD to hear that I misread that post about “calling it off” that I just have to say: YAY!
    Also, as an aside, I’m a bride-to-be and I would just like to thank the Bird for helping me find the “terribly amusing” about all of this insane planning. Thanks!

  9. Phil Says:

    I-66, my wife was high as a kite when we got married. It was probably the only way she’d go through with it.

  10. Bridal Bird Says:

    Oh my. I step away from the comments for one day…
    To the ladies, thank you for your kind words and glad to have the readership. (So you’re my 2 o’clock bump, Evy.)
    To the boys, per usual, you’re all a bunch of pervs. Come near me and I’ll sick the dogs on you.

    PS-RCR, I’m marrying the fiance and taking the funny as my gumar.

  11. I-66 Says:

    To be fair, nothing Phil nor I said was pervy.

    This time.

  12. I-66 Says:

    PS: I know your dog. She wouldn’t harm me.

  13. rcr Says:

    Funny makes a bad mistress. It’s never hot when someone laughs when you take your pants off.

  14. Bridal Bird Says:

    I-66-I’ll submit your assertion to the council and we’ll review whether or not you two are on perv status. Expect a letter of notification in 6-8 weeks.

    RCR-Isn’t it interesting? Because under questioning, everyone always says that their first priority is that a prospective mate “makes me laugh.”

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