Martha Sure as Heck Doesn’t Have This on Her Month-By-Month Wedding Planning Calendar

UPDATE: Apparently my readership encompasses a slightly wider range of personality than I’d previously realized. (Hey, we’re all about the Big Tent here at Bridal Bird.) I wasn’t aware just how far over on the scale I had to set the tab for “humorless, unintelligent, more-than-a-little-stalkerish.” Thanks to a comment received on 9/8/08, I’m now up to speed. So the following post has been modified to reflect that. Apologies to all my other readers, who are on the opposite side of the seesaw wondering when Porky’s going to stop weighing them down and go play in traffic.

My fiancé has a nickname for me: Busy Bee. Rare are the occasions when I can just sit quietly, doing nothing. Sunday mornings with the Times, vacations, and laying out are the exceptions. I like to have projects, a To Do list, something to occupy my time. My fiancé and my dog—who typically jockey to see which of them can do Teamster lazy the best in the evenings and weekend afternoons—regard me with bemusement and raised eyebrows as I carom around whipping up a stromboli for dinner, installing a new light fixture, and planting flower boxes on the balcony. I don’t mind. To the contrary, I thrive on it.

As such, you’d think that with having a wedding to plan I’d be all set. There are invites to stuff, cookies to bake, seating charts to arrange. My cup runneth over right through ’til Oct. 25, right? Yeahhhh, see the thing is…I’ve decided to relocate to North Carolina in August and September to campaign for Obama. My oddly circular life finds me returning to the South where I worked as a crime reporter in the early 2000s. Now it’s battleground territory and I’ll be there organizing rallies, recruiting volunteers, what have you. I’ll be back in D.C. the first week of October, three weeks before the wedding.

Most people’s reaction has been to instantly take umbrage on my behalf. “But that’s ridiculous! How can they make you do that?!” they’ll ask. Well, it is a little ridiculous, but they’re not making me do it. I asked for it. When I left newspapers three years ago it was for this exact reason. I wanted to be able campaign for the candidates I believe in. I find myself now at a job that affords me the luxury of being able to leave for two months to do just that. That it requires me to step away from wedding planning for two months just before the event isn’t exactly what I had in mind, but it’s also not an insurmountable obstacle. As it turns out, most of the things that had to be done for the wedding needed to get finalized before Aug. 1 and then the last minute stuff is just that—last minute. Most important, my fiancé was totally supportive as we mulled this decision. He knows how pivotal I believe this particular presidential race is to the nation’s future and he knows that I want to be able to wake up on Nov. 5 and say that I did everything I could to get the person I believe is the best candidate elected. [It bears mentioning that it wasn’t until well after we made this decision that he realized I would be gone for the first two months of Aggie football season, leaving him free to wallow in it 24-7 without fearing I’d come in and ask him to like, go to Bed Bath & Beyond or say, shower.]

And really, is it the worst thing in the world to step away from the whole wedding planning process for a little while? To clear one’s noodle? To just focus on the excitement of the impending marriage rather than taking an obsessive number of trips over to the reception site to make sure the flower beds out front look healthy?

Not that I’m doing that. (eyes darting shiftily from side to side)


11 Responses to “Martha Sure as Heck Doesn’t Have This on Her Month-By-Month Wedding Planning Calendar”

  1. Shannon Says:

    Actually, I think you’ll be waking up on November 5, with the sure and exciting knowledge that it’s my birthday. Uh-huh.

    Hey, if you can hide from wedding madness, and do something constructive at the same time, why not?

  2. I-66 Says:

    I don’t know why you bother laying out.

  3. Nadine Says:

    Sounds reasonable to me.

  4. melly Says:

    I’ve been dreaming about my reception speech (wedding is Nov 8) — “I’d like to thank the American people for giving us the Best Wedding Present Ever!” (“Yes We Can” begins to play, right on cue — the crowd bursts into cheers…)

    Thanks for making it happen for us Bridal Bird! 🙂

  5. melly Says:

    um, all my punctuation turned into emoticons…

    so that’s Nov 8, close parens


    bursts into cheers… close parens

    i’m not a crazy person who speaks only in smileys…

  6. suicide_blond Says: a crazy person who only punctuates with lots of periods…err…ellipses …but im not letting that stop me from saying… go get em kiddo!!! xoxo

  7. Bridal Bird Says:

    Shannon-Not only did we totally know it was your birthday, we deliberately picked that day to wait to leave for Ireland in celebration. (This of course isn’t remotely funny if your ‘Shannon’ isn’t some sort of Irish deal-y.)

    I-66-My dermatologist’s kids aren’t going to put themselves through college. Also, I find that my fellow sunbathers appreciate having the human light reflector next to them so they can catch all the rays bouncing off my gleaming white bod.

    Nadine-Seeeee everyone? Nadine thinks I’m sane.

    Melly-Doing what I can! emoticon emoticon

    SB-Send all the good vibes that you can to the battleground states. 😉

  8. Shannon Says:

    Not Irish, but I’ll take credit anyhow. Especially if you’re flying through Shannon Airport.

    (My name is an Anglicization of “Shenan”, which is the Cherokee word for “star.”)

  9. Phil Says:

    I plan to wake up Nov 5 after a cocaine bender and realize that I had not actually visited the voting booth, but participated in a pyramid scheme seminar and am now the owner of a time-share in Ft. Lauderdale.

  10. barred owl Says:

    Go for it! I’m so glad to know you’re bringing your energy to Obama’s campaign! Barack the house sistah!

  11. Bridal Bird Says:

    Shannon-Ah, very cool.

    Phil-That gives new meaning to what pollsters and elections observers have been referring to as the crucial “Playaz bump.”


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