Shower Me in Ribbons and in Bows

There is nothing like alighting from a cab in front of The Willard on an unseasonably balmy summer afternoon knowing that upstairs in the Grant Suite waits your nearest and dearest ladybirds gathered for the soul purpose of having a good time with you, a mound of festively wrapped gifts, lobster tea sandwiches, and enough champagne to christen a fleet. Such was life this past Saturday. My maid of honor–my sister–executed her shower duties with aplomb. That she did it while waddling around 8-months pregnant and still looking simultaneously chic and adorable made it all the better.

Why, even the stars of CBS’s As the World Turns turned out. (I must confess to blanching a bit as I walked up the famed hotel’s stairs and saw her perched atop them in her gown. Initially, I thought she was an actual bride. There is no needle sharper to burst one’s balloon than the site of a bride who looks like that while you’re entering the final phase of “Am I going to look good enough” anxiety. Luckily, my concerns were quickly allayed when I learned that she was a TV star. “Phew,” thought I. “Then it’s her job to look like that. More champagne, please!”

Now it seems like it was a month ago, as I sit taking a rare 10-minute break from the second consecutive 12-hour day on the campaign trail. Only 50 more to go before I come home for the final weeks before the wedding. There’s not a lobster tea sandwich in sight. Pray for Mojo.


3 Responses to “Shower Me in Ribbons and in Bows”

  1. Mary Ellen Says:

    Oh, but I’m sure they have clotted cream. Right??

  2. Nadine Says:

    Happy Shower! Good luck on the campaign trail.

  3. I-66 Says:

    Pray for mojo? I’m praying for mojito.

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