Things I Would Blog About If I Had Time

* D.C. declined to give us a marriage license because we had our blood tests 35 days ago and they expire after 30 days. This is awesome because I specifically explained to them 36 days ago that I would be traveling and asked if this was a problem. I was told no, not at all. It clearly brought great pleasure to the Jabba the Hutt bureaucrat who informed us it would in fact be quite a problem.

* The marriage license office is next to the domestic violence center in the courthouse. I find this odd.

* I learned last week that I am having a very merry un-bachelorette party thrown for me in D.C. in a few weeks. How perfect is it? Well here’s the text on the invite: “Please join us for a champagne-kissed, not-to-be-missed, plastic peter-free to-do for our favorite bride-to-be!” My girls, they know me well.

* I am about to becoming an aunt again, as my sister/matron of honor has just gone into labor!


3 Responses to “Things I Would Blog About If I Had Time”

  1. K Says:

    A very merry un-bachelorette party to you! to you! 🙂

  2. Nina Says:

    Congrats on your new niece/nephew!
    Have a great time at your bachelorette party-although I was thinking of going to DC, just to see you running around in a penis veil. Hee.

  3. class-factotum Says:

    The great State of Wisconsin, in yet another attempt to meddle in the private lives of its citizens (you have to wait six months after a divorce to remarry — why is this any of their business?) requires an 8-day waiting period between issuing the license and the wedding. OK. So there is a cooling-off period. But how does requiring me to come back in 8 days to pick up the license instead of generating it while I wait deter me from a bad decision? (As the woman at the county clerk’s office explained was the reason for not giving it to me right away.) Yes, they will mail it — if you pay $10 above the $100 fee you have already paid for the darn license. Can’t they find 43 cents somewhere in that $100?

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