Pumpkins Haven’t Made Me This Happy Since “Tonight, Tonight”

When I was a kid, I was never a huge fall fan. Even though my birthday is in late September, I found the change from summer too heavily tainted by its association with having to wear shoes again, and going to bed earlier, and heading back to school. (Specifically, heading back to math class.) It wasn’t until college that I came to appreciate fall because it brought Clemson football. And beer. And beer while watching Clemson football. Now I love it, because it means not only Clemson football and beer, but good hair, and excellent merch at the farmers market, and sweaters, and Halloween and Octoberfest parties, and oysters, and bonfires, and good movies offering respite from summer’s cinematic stupidity, and cuddling in closer on walks through the city, and the lighting turning to a softer glow with fluttering shadows from the leaves. There’s no more stunning season in D.C. than fall.

This year though, the promise of fall has meant much more, on account of the October 25 wedding and all. But with the pressing business and anxiety surrounding the campaign and the conventions this summer, our impending nuptials had remained in the abstract for me. It was always a day coming eventually, when fall rolls around. “We’ve still got a ways to go,” I’d say, or “Oh, it’s a good three months yet. Not until fall.” Until yesterday, when I pulled into a grocery store parking lot and saw pumpkins and chrysanthemums on display for the first time this year. “It’s fall,” I thought, standing there in front of them. Which means the wedding is happening, er, now. Specifically, 36 days, 23 hours, and 15 minutes from now as I write this. Knowing that it’s finally happening after 12 months of abstract anticipation? That feeling is Clemson football, beer, good hair, excellent merch at the farmers market, sweaters, Halloween and Octoberfest parties, oysters, bonfires, good movies, cuddling in closer on walks, and a softer glow with fluttering shadows from the leaves.

I’ll let the Pumpkins sing us out, with their fitting talk of the “resolute urgency of now.”


5 Responses to “Pumpkins Haven’t Made Me This Happy Since “Tonight, Tonight””

  1. I-66 Says:

    We’re not the same
    We’re different tonight
    Tonight, tonight, tonight, so bright
    Tonight, tonight…

  2. Bridal Bird Says:

    Good point. Guess it never would have worked out between us, I-66.

  3. K Says:

    I had the same feeling when I tried on that lovely chocolate brown Joan Holloway number and thought, “NOW I know what I’m wearing to the Bird’s fall wedding.” Yay fall!!!!

    And also, UVa football is simply not going to cut it for me this year, it seems.

  4. Nadine Says:

    Enjoy all of it.

  5. I-66 Says:

    Look, I understand you’ve experienced a loss, but this relationship just can’t work. I mean, you’re a redhead, I’m black, and I’m not going to be hurt again.

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