I Do.

A year ago, I said “I will.”
Today, I’ll say, “I do.”

After the rehearsal and the dinner, after the toasts and the stories, the laughing and the crying, when it was just us back at our house before he headed off to his hotel, we exchanged gifts. He gave me a first edition of Graham Greene’s The Quiet American. I swooned and then we chuckled that it was probably best that he hadn’t gone with The End of the Affair. I gave him a late-1800s lithograph depicting small clocks with the times of the world’s major cities. The clocks are arranged in concentric circles around one clock set to the time in D.C. It’s our city. It’s where we came together both as a little family of two and a banana republic of a family that stretches from Texas to Maryland. It’s where one year and seven weeks ago I stood on a corner as he knelt in front of me and asked me if I would.

I will.
I do.


16 Responses to “I Do.”

  1. Meghan Says:

    Congratulations! Have a great day! I have been following your blog for quite a while and am so excited for you! And can’t wait to see pictures!

  2. Rachel Says:

    Congratulations!! Cannot wait to see pictures. Enjoy your day!

  3. Nadine Says:

    Congratulations! May life give much more laughter.

  4. Beth Says:

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to see your pictures.


  5. Talking Budgie Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! Have a wonderful life together.

  6. heidi Says:

    congrats! Just recently started reading your blog but congrats anyhow 🙂

  7. Phil Says:

    Congratulations, Mz. Bird.

    While your tastes in college football teams are atrocious, I can appreciate a man with facial hair, so I wish you two the best.

  8. Lemmonex Says:

    Huge congrats…

  9. Cassie Says:

    Congrats! I’ve been a long time lurker and this morning I was reading the Sunday NYT in Princeton, NJ visiting my in-laws and saw that exact photo! How crazy to now realize it was you!

  10. rcr Says:

    I’m eating my cookie right now.

  11. J. Says:

    What a lovely couple! Congratulations! 🙂

  12. Urban Girl Says:

    Congratulations! I’ve been reading for a long time, and am so happy for you!

  13. Emily Says:

    Ohhh- total lurker for a while but I had to come forward and wish you luck. I LOVE this blog. Please keep it up with some newlywed type whateves.

  14. Shannon Says:

    Congratulations! May you have many, many happy years together.

  15. Heather B. Says:

    I just cried reading this. Ok not really cried but teared up a bit.

  16. Twailer Chelal Says:

    Many more best wishes….
    may all the happiness be yours.

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