More to Come

Imagine every superlative you can to convey “awesome.” Pour them into a bowl and top it with whipped cream and sprinkles. Set it under a rainbow and feed it to a puppy. That’s how the day was. More to come, I promise. It’s just a little nuts right now with the election. Honeymoon to Ireland is next Wednesday.


16 Responses to “More to Come”

  1. I-66 Says:

    You may not know it through the snark, but I’m ecstatic for you. I’m not going to get any more gooey than that, though. I think that’s best for both of us.

  2. RCR Says:

    You can borrow my rainbow pegacorn for your trip to Ireland:

  3. Shannon Says:

    You look lovely – very elegant, and I love the veil!

  4. Bridal Bird Says:

    Aw, thank you, 66!

    RCR-Oh, that’s the stuff.

    Shannon-Thank you!

  5. Heidi Says:

    lovely! I love reading DC brides who are getting/got married at St.Peters – i’m always like Thats My Priest! And…That’s My Church!

    i’m such a nerd.


  6. Bridal Bird Says:

    Too funny. Wave hello if you see me next time!

  7. freckledk Says:

    That veil is sick (in a good way). You both look gorgeous. Congrats!

  8. jo Says:

    Congratulations! You look beautiful!

  9. suicide_blond Says:

    alll best wishes to bird and birdboy….we toasted you on sat! ….xoxo

  10. Nadine Says:

    You looked wonderful. Now, back to worrying over the election.

  11. Talking Budgie Says:

    You both looked gorgeous and sooooo happy! Your dress is just To.Die.For. And that veil…

  12. regss Says:

    You look stunning BB, I’m so sad I had to miss it. The pictures are just beautiful. Hope the theta singing was bearable…

  13. erikarobuck Says:

    That is, quite possibly, the cutest thing I’ve ever read.

  14. Phil Says:

    When does the “BabyBird” blog start?

    After you get back?

  15. EJ Says:

    Congratulations! You both look so beautiful and in love. Have a wonderful honeymoon full of Guinness and giddiness.

  16. caughtthebouquet Says:


    -One of your lurkers

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