After the “I Do,” the “Yes We Can.”

Someone once sniped at me in the comments section after I’d done a political post, telling me I should stick with writing about my wedding. It’s a fair point. The world should not know the cold terror of a day in which I do not opine about Bridal Betty tinker dye. But it’s advice that I have been unable to heed at times throughout the primary and general election.

* I’ve printed the Official Bridal Bird Voter Guide. And even an urgent, mid-day second edition.

* I’ve flirted shamelessly with Texas, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

* I’ve done the math and liked the answer. Twice.

* I’ve pointed my Strawberry Shortcake bike with the rad pink streamers hanging off the handles northward and hoped for the best. Then several months later, pedaled it south for two months with similar hopes.

* I’ve looked out as 75,000 people stood hushed so they wouldn’t miss anything when a man offered them not fear or prejudice or failed plans or folly, but instead, hope and change in their most figurative and concrete forms.

It comes down to this then. The last day of this protracted campaign season is upon us and here I am blogging not about cake fillings or first dance selections, but politics. With respect to my disgruntled commenter, tomorrow is very much about my marriage. It’s about the world that my husband and I stare out at with a week under our belts and a lifetime ahead. It’s about the world we would bring children into.

It’s about finally knowing that there need not be audacity in hope.



7 Responses to “After the “I Do,” the “Yes We Can.””

  1. Arjewtino Says:

    Beautifully said.

    Tomorrow, we’ll all be celebrating.

  2. suicide_blond Says:

    “It’s about the world that my husband and I stare out at with a week under our belts and a lifetime ahead. It’s about the world we would bring children into.”
    PERSPECTIVE…is everything..and yours, as always, is dead on..
    congrats..and thanks for allllll of your hard work!!!

  3. K Says:

    This is a lovely post, BB.

    Possibly positive omens:
    1. Absolutely zero Republican party representation at my polling place this morning.
    2. In one of his fantasy football leagues, Cenzo lost to the “Audacity of Hope” team last night.
    3. The Redskins lost last night, and apparently every time the Redskins lose the game before the election, the incumbent party loses.
    4. My fingers are crossed.

  4. Luna Says:

    Amen, sister. As I sit here newly married myself, with a tiny new life growing inside me, I could not agree with you more.

  5. RCR Says:

    Clearly not *every* time the Skins lose, otherwise we’d be blaming President Kerry for our failing economy.

    But if the crappiness of the Skins ball handling *is* an indication of the outcome of the election, then it should be an Obama landslide.

  6. Phil Says:

    I believe the title of your blog speaks as much to the (now past) election as it does your upcoming honeymoon.

    Your husband is probably secretly thankful that now you’ll be in the mood for lots of love-making since your man won.

  7. Ambrus Faust Says:

    So more than 3 years after the “win”…how’s that “change” and “hope” workin out for you guys down in the states..?

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